When's the update set to release?
We don't have a set release date. Tentatively, it is Q2 2019.
Why has the update taken so long?
Deathmatch had become the primary focus of the mod, with everything else getting limited to no development. Since Deathmatch was seperated into its own project (Team Deathmatch Classic) with a new team seperate from us, we restructred and refocused our efforts on traditional TF2 gameplay.
When was Deathmatch Split?
Late 2017.
Why was Deathmatch split from TF2Classic?
It had become a game on top of another game, which comes with its own share of issues. Deathmatch had so many unique exceptions that started to break other parts of the mod. You would change somthing in DM and you would break somthing in the TF2C portion of the game, and vice a versa. Development philosophy between people more interested in Deathmatch over the TF2C portion of the mod led to lots of in-fighting over who was getting more attention/resources.
So where is Deathmatch?
Compucolor Pictures (The developers of Team Deathmatch Classic) will announce more details at there own discretion Twitter @compucolorpics. and at compucolorpictures.com
Does the Deathmatch mod have a Public Discord?
Not currently, TDC is in closed development.
What's the focus of this next update?
VIP Gamemode plus some additional content for the base game.
Are there new weapons in this update?
Yes, both reprisals of beta weapons and new creations.
Does the mod still have 4team?
Will Espionage be made for TF2Classic?
No. The concepted characters will all be eventually released. As for why it won't be developed: As with Deathmatch, any gamemode that disables classes/weapons to function goes against some of the core principals of Team Fortress 2. Every gamemode we are currently working on involves all 9 classes without any restrictions.
Will there be cosmetics or anything of the sort in TF2Classic's future?
Will there be a competitive side to TF2Classic?
Not officially. We see Team Fortress 2 Classic as a purely casual mod.
Will there be new maps with this update?
Yes. VIP currently has three maps in development. They all play different to some extent, but the main objective for all three maps is to deliver the player-controlled Civilian to his Escape Zone.
Will there be TF bots in the next update?
Yes. They have improved AI and can handle our new weaponset.
Will there be more updates after this one?
Yes. They won't take as long.
Will there be public betas in the future?
Yes. Stay tuned for more information regarding this in the future.
Where can I download TF2Classic?
You must wait until release. Previous version downloads of TF2C have been removed, and the project has shifted direction. Those versions no longer reflect the goals of the project.
How do I apply to become a Beta Tester for TF2Classic?
Be a positive presence in our public discord.
Is there a Public Discord for TF2Classic?