What a fine day to be announcing our new guns... Hey, let go! You'll get your grubby hands on them when they're good and ready! Sheesh, you people are shaky... Bring up the word gun and everyone's ready to blow each-others brains out. (Luckily for you, that's how we want you.)

Yes, you heard us right, GUNS, when's the last time you've seen one of those? They tell us you've been waiting years for some new weapons, and by your drug-addiction-like shaking, we probably shouldn't be surprised. Yes-sir, we don't have but one... we don't even have five... combined together in this single day, we have NINE weapons in total!

Now, a majority of these weapons are re-balanced from our previously public build, but to you all, they should all feel like brand new weapons! And that's not to gloss over the NEW new weapons, of which you can have a gander at... right now!

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