The Death And Taxes Update! - Day 3

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Domination is a metaphor for all the territory disputes and land grabs that have underscored every armed conflict in the history of the world. Instead of Alexander conquering the Levant for Macedon, though, you're a thug conquering a 20-foot-wide metal circle for no one in particular.

Matches of Domination begin with neutral points scattered all over the map. With a point captured, your team's score goes up by 1 every few seconds. More points means your score climbs faster, and first team to hit the score threshold takes home the gold. In other words, whichever team holds the most territory, for the longest time, is the winner! Only uncontested points raise your score, though, so keep the bad guys off at all costs or you'll risk falling behind.

Oil Canyon

By some divine providence, your teams built perfectly symmetrical outposts within as little as 20 feet of each other, so both sides have an equal shot at all three(!) of the points on Oil Canyon. Whether you can divvy up your resources to hold more than 1 or 2 at a time? That's another problem entirely.

"Shoot at people whose army-navy-store cargo pants are a different color than yours" is a learned behavior by now, so we didn't think it would inconvenience you too much if we tracked down eighteen more color-coordinated psychopaths and put them on the payroll. Global Radio Network (GRN) and Yard Logistics Workers, Inc. (YLW) play a part in all the broadcast towers and freight yards you've been fighting over, respectively, but they've also got shady corporate interests that they're willing to hire mercenaries to protect. You're not so different after all!


The four key worksites at Alpha Electric's hydro power plant have been divvied up between the four teams, each with an easy-access control point to call its own. Each team should have an easy time holding its own point, but with the score always so close, losing your home point for even a few seconds can be devastating.


Four teams, a square sandbox, and a rickety shack in the middle: pure unbridled four-team mayhem. The tension of Arena is ratcheted even higher by wide-open sightlines and extra teams to wipe, and with the lobby spread across four teams instead of two, every death is twice as damning.