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Control Points refers to many game modes that involve each team (RED, BLU, GRN, or YLW) defending or attacking objectives based upon a physical control point. Capturing control points can add score, open up other control points for capture, or add additional time. Depending on the variant, a team can win by capturing all of the other team's points or defending successfully.


In the standard variant of Control Points, players on each team aim to capture the control points scattered across the map, typically two to each team with one being neutral. Scouts have two times the normal capture rate, making them a great tool for capturing points. Engineers can lock down defense by using Buildings and provide offensive help with teleporters.



Map Picture Filename
Badlands Badlands.png cp_badlands.bsp
Dustbowl Dustbowl.png cp_dustbowl.bsp
Granary Granary new.png cp_granary.bsp
Gravel Pit Gravelpit.png cp_gravelpit.bsp
Tidal Tidal.png cp_tidal.bsp
Well 256px cp_well.bsp