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This article or page contains information on something either EXPERIMENTAL or NOT YET IMPLEMENTED. Various details are subject to drastically change over the course of development. See Planned Content for more information.

Overpowered is a new in-development gamemode planned to feature the Henchman, a powerful class that will battle against a team of players (RED). The player-controlled boss has a large pool of health that increases the boss's damage output as it is lowered. The maps are constructed similar to Arena.


The Henchman

The Henchman is selected randomly from a server of players, and assigns them to BLU team. According to server size, health is increased.
As the Henchman receives damage, their damage output is increased up to a max of +210%. The Henchman can only use melee-based attacks under normal circumstances.


At the beginning of each round, the RED team is given a brief amount of time to set up a strong defense until the Henchman is released. At this time, the RED team must survive to either kill the Henchman or capture the Control Point.
If the Henchman kills all alive players or if the RED team does not capture the point, then the Henchman wins the round. Then, a new player will be selected to join the BLU team.