Patch 1.7.0 - Released January 18th 2015

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Patch 1.7.0 notes

  • Added new particle effect for the Nailgun (Right now we're using Aichtens particle effect)
  • Fixed the Tranquilizer dart and viewmodel (Blaseth)
  • Added the Lead Pipe for the Heavy (Chowder908)
  • Fixed the smoothing on the Scout SMG (Game Zombie)
  • Added fixed Syringe Gun, Sticky Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Sniper SMG (Sniper|Smg]], Soldier Shotgun and Grenade Launcher view models (Game Zombie)
  • Fixed Nailgun viewmodel anims (Sojas)
  • Added the weapon name to the weapon selection HUD
  • Unlocked a couple of movement related server variables:
  • sv_stopspeed, sv_maxspeed, sv_accelerate, sv_airaccelerate, sv_wateraccelerate, sv_footsteps, sv_rollspeed, sv_rollangle, sv_friction, sv_bounce, sv_maxvelocity, sv_stepsize, sv_backspeed, sv_waterdist
  • Re enabled GRN and YLW (join with jointeam green, jointeam yellow)
  • Added a cvar to enable GRN and YLW teams (tf2c_4play)
  • Added the RPG for the Soldier (Blaseth) It has a clip size of 1 rocket, but it does 120 damage.
  • Added the Lead Pipe for the Heavy (Chowder908)

Right now, It's mainly just a reskin of the current heavy fists. However it seems the anims for it are broken as of right now.

  • Modified intro