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2.1.1 Patch Release

May 28, 2023 - bobatealee
The 2.1.1 Patch for Team Fortress 2 Classic has been released. To apply this update to TF2 Classic, use the latest version of our downloader. The major changes include:

Weapon Changes:​

  • Updated the Brick:
    • Reduced delay between clicking and throwing by 40%
    • Projectile model now spawns immediately after being thrown
  • Updated the Anti-Aircraft Cannon:
    • Reduced blast radius from 110HU to 90HU wide
    • Reduced damage from 60 to 55
    • Overhauled sounds (Omniary)
  • Updated Chekhov’s Punch:
    • Overhauled sounds (Stachekip)
  • Updated the Überspritze:
    • Removed -20% fire rate penalty

Map Changes:​

  • Updated arena_floodgate (savva):
    • Minor artpass improvements
    • Fixed certain lighting issues
    • Slight clipping adjustments
  • Updated ctf_2fort (Sniffy194):
    • Added missing cubemaps
    • Reduced scale of ambient occlusion
    • Blockbulleted many surfaces for more consistent splash from explosions
    • Fixed crate that could hide stickybombs
    • Improved lighting fidelity in a few areas
  • Updated pl_upward (Sniffy194):
    • Disabled collision on some scaffolding that's above the intended playspace, and could be used as a vantage point

General Changes:​

  • Fixed a bug where servers would stop sending killfeed and damage related events to clients (Sappho)
  • Crit boosted Mediguns now require tf2c_medigun_critboostable 2 to gain a heal rate bonus (set to 1 by default, only for minicrits)
  • Fixed add_onhit_addcond_self_weapon and mod_never_draw_tracer_effect attributes
  • Fixed explosive_bullets attribute not respecting mult_explosion_radius value
  • Added add_custom_viewpunch_onhit attribute
  • The item schema is now automatically reloaded upon disconnecting from a server
  • Fixed global disguise class portraits on the HUD displaying blue team’s ones instead when cloaked
  • Fixed missing particle when landing from a jump pad as a global disguise spy
  • Fixed custom global sound scripts not being read by the client when downloaded from a server
  • Fixed a crash regarding flipped viewmodels
  • Updated medals