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A Shiny, New(-ish) Look

December 3, 2023 - Waugh101

The imminent 2.1.3 patch is shipping with a new default look for our lighting! This new shading method utilizes Full Lambertian shading, causing more abrupt and noticeable shadows on player models and Engineer buildings.

Players might recognize this lighting style from the promotional shots given out to journalists shortly before Team Fortress 2 went gold. Changed right before TF2’s official release in 2007, TF2 Classic has restored and modified it to make it usable in 2023. Our version is slightly altered to maximize player visibility, and can be toggled at any time in video settings, or by using the ‘tf2c_new_lighting’ console command.



We find this shading helps our visuals feel even more illustrative and brings the game even closer to the work of its artistic inspirations, like J.C. Leyendecker. We hope you enjoy this refined look for our characters!