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Community Roundup: January 2024

January 11, 2024 - hunterbunney
Video games as a social experience, to be had with strangers in a bustling public server, is so... last-decade. Stellar gameplay be damned, a modern team shooter is soul-achingly lonely, except for your horrible Discord call and your horrible, horrible friends.

"TF2C Shenanigans" is a tailwind for the spirit. aplsed's clip curation and whip-smart editing carries the video — editing at a level pace is hard enough, let alone doing it with a sense of humor — but there's a real heart at its core. Philosophical kitchen-table conversations in alltalk, four or five crackly voices spilling over each other, players inventing new ways to jailbreak our voice line spam prevention. This is what people think is "missing" when they talk about the shift in online gaming, and it's a point of pride and gratitude that we have it here.

Also, aplsed, we appreciate the restraint. We can't imagine how many mods you had to uninstall to make your game look so coherent.

Closing Remarks:​

The plan for Community Roundups — to the extent that you can "plan" anything in this wacky, kinetic world — is to showcase one community submission every month. We've got a solid enough backlog that, if we don't get as many submissions as we'd like, a monthly post won't send us scrambling for something to show off after a few months.

That said, give us more to showcase, and we may showcase more. Email us your videos, art, maps, mods, bawdy fan fiction, or whatever falls under the cold corpo-speak of "community content", and we'll see it.

Not a competition! Quality and technical skill isn't a barrier! Just put effort in and have fun.