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Community Roundup: February 2024

February 1, 2024 - hunterbunney
Golden Art-Studio's level designer Asdf1308 makes us look like chumps. Back in March, we talked a big game about how our pre-release ideas for GRN and YLW base architecture were awkward, un-grounded, and not congruous with the TF2 aesthetic.

In spite of this, 4Walls (download there!) proudly recreates those old base concepts — GRN's space-needle dish towers, YLW's cranes and trusses and ghost warehouses — in a way that both looks sensible, and doesn't get in the way of Four-Team's demand for quarter-symmetry map layouts.


This is map design meta-commentary. TF2 Classic's entire raison d'etre is to reimagine and reimplement scrapped development ideas from Team Fortress 2, and then Asdf1308 reimagines and reimplements one of our scrapped development ideas? We need a staff poet, because there aren't words, but I... kind of am the staff poet?

It's a Four-Team arena map, a community favorite judging by how many Flask matches I've babysat this month, with a lot of work-site clutter and props that create unique cover. And it used exploding barrels before we could! The cheek.

In the spirit of obedience and fealty, I highly encourage you to send us your– okay, first make some community contributions, it's not a contest but do your best, and then send them to us for inclusion in a Roundup. Eventually these little showcases will be more frequent (and meet the criteria of "roundup" by including more than one item each), but we like the taste of ready-made work from enthusiastic show-offs like you! And like Asdf1308.