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Community Roundup: March 2024

March 24, 2024 - hunterbunney
Strap in, this one's a double feature.

"Team Fort Two Classic"​

Courtesy of Andres/quarterlydime (and featuring some fell minion of theirs named Merchant), another clip show!

Where aplsed's endeavor in January was a showcase of slick, whip-smart editing, "Team Fort Two Classic" follows more in the "human zoo" tradition of Team Fortress 2 pub montages — a "get a load of this freak!" video, you know. These are always fun to post, especially when they're a few months ripened already, because our VaultF4 Standard community is pretty buddy-buddy, and a lot of people are about to be gassed for their long-forgotten misplays when they log on tonight.

We're glad you like the game! (Duh.) "Loose story" is very much something we're shooting for, but in-game narrative is hard to swing when we don't have voice actors on retainer for most characters (and comics and animations beg the kind of quality that's hard to wring out of volunteers). Nonetheless, trust the plan! Big things coming. Vigilance.

Post-viewing discussion question: is the turning blur an artefact of the video encoder, or does Andres actually have Motion Blur turned on in the options? Much to consider.

Achievement Style Backpack Icons​

Now a vanity inclusion: D/D/DBoi, serial creator of HUD/UI overhauls (with an assist credit from ... us?!), has stitched parts of our blurry 512–x–512 achievement images into a set of new backpack icons! Along with plenty of hand-assembled ones.

Click the image or download here!

We try to personalize these blog posts, see — add a bit of humanity to the often-opaque public personae of sourcemod developers — and I made most of the Fight or Flight achievement icons, so it's gratifying to see my work being pored over so closely (including work that I knowingly scuffed, on account of thinking no one would ever pore over it. Uh oh)!

You only get one feature, we're not made of blog posts over here, but I'd check out D/D/DBoi's other work on that GameBanana page. If you like the idea of custom HUDs, but have held off because every live-TF2 custom HUD looks like the interface for a touch-screen ticket kiosk at the airport instead of a video game, D/D/DBoi's made a lot of artstyle-appropriate 2D asset mods that might win you over.