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Community Roundup: April 2024

April 20, 2024 - hunterbunney
Sorry — we were so busy releasing a mid-size update with sweeping map changes, readability and accessibility improvements, and long-awaited weapon rebalances, that we forgot to do April's community roundup until just now. Don't worry: everyone who wasted their time on the update has been fired forever, so this won't happen again.

"TF2 Classic - A Community Compilation"​

Valued community presence and old-head B. Comet has cooked up yet another YouTube clip show! We enjoy featuring these — they're probably the most "accessible" way to get TF2 Classic in front of a wider audience, and TF2C regulars (like you!) often see themselves in the background of clips, making it a community-wide home movie of sorts. We tend to look for a new gimmick every time, though (otherwise videos are all we'd feature), so the Community Compilation falls into the niche of "play of the week"-style player spotlights, like NISLT used to do for live TF2 way back when.

Like last month's video feature, there's a "human zoo" quality to this compilation too. More than ever, since the clips in the compilation are player recordings; there are some custom HUDs in this video so tacky that they literally make my stomach hurt. I saw someone playing at 65 FOV and nearly wet myself. It's all very cinéma vérité and is exactly the kind of "putting freaks on blast" playerbase journalism we appreciate.

Give it (and B. Comet's other compilations) a watch, and enjoy the TF2 Classic 2.1.4 Patch!

(And I know it's a housekeeping patch, but this is a good opportunity to get your friends into the game by saying "a new update just came out!" and slinking your way out of any clarifying questions they might have.)