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Continued Refinement

April 23, 2024 - Waugh101
We look for opportunities to continue improving upon our existing content alongside developing new additions to the game. Retroactively updating features helps keep the project feeling consistent and equally polished, something we consider to be one of its strengths. Sometimes we introduce a new visual technique, for instance, and it helps things stay on a level playing field, regardless of when they were first added. It also comes with the added benefit of keeping things a little fresh. Seeing a familiar environment with some touch-ups can be fun.

With that said, we do put a good amount of thought into considering what things should be changed or tweaked and to what extent. One of the driving goals of the project is to capture that old-school TF2 feeling, so ideally changes should enhance it rather than distract. Of course changes, especially visual ones, can be inherently rather subjective. One way to think about these, then, is that they can feel like how someone remembers the game looking, if not representing how it actually did. We also already have a fair amount of content, so it can take some time to implement these tweaks across the board and to fully see them to completion.

Here’s some before-and-afters for a couple of the maps that received updated visuals in 2.1.4:


Oil Canyon



This mindset also means that even after something gets updated it's still open for additional refinement and changes, so feedback’s always appreciated. There’s a lot of tweaks across these maps and the others that received updates in 2.1.4; be on the lookout next time you’re fighting on one of them!