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Community Roundup: May 2024

May 21, 2024 - hunterbunney
Hi, blog readers! We admire your loyalty to these legacy-style online newsletters, instead of getting your TF2C news from Twitter posts, or 11-minute recap videos, or AI-written summaries of 11-minute recap videos. In fact, we've got just the thing for old souls like you.

Renaissance Revival 2​

Renaissance Revival 2 is the sequel to a legendary TF2C weapons pack dating back to 2020, just months after our official release. At the helm of both is Yakibomb, a tireless institution of our modding community; medieval mode's #1 fan and #1 critic. I have it on good authority that they wept when we announced Krepost. The massive credits list for this mod includes other familiar faces, though — SilentFox3, Reagy, Wendy, and more — and an uncountable glut of people whose live TF2 workshop items were lifted with permission. (Seriously; if you didn't contribute to this mod, then you've spoken to, played with, or used to online-date someone who did.)

Click the image or download here!

Yakibomb might stop putting together world-class mod teams if we send like 500 people to ask them a bunch of dumbass questions, though, so I'll knock out a basic outline of what to expect from Renaissance Revival 2:

  • These aren't just weapon reskins. These are (over 70?!) new weapons that are treated as unique equippables in your Loadout menu. An incredible amount of work has gone into making them distinct from each other and distinct from weapons in live TF2, in terms of balance and behavior. There are parameters in here I've never seen before.
  • This mod won't work on regular public servers, like our VaultF4 Standard group. To use these custom weapons, you'll either need to join (or host!) a community server that's been specially set up to support it, or start an offline match against bots.
  • If installed correctly, you'll be able to join normal servers without any issues — the server's list of valid items takes priority over yours, so you won't be able to use your Renaissance Revival weapons, but you won't crash or be banned or anything.
  • Installation instructions are in the README that comes with your GameBanana download.

We love what's been done here and we're apt to look closely at RR2's contents for any future (as in, post-2.2) changes we make to Medieval Mode. If anything in this pack strikes you as pure genius, we read the suggestions channel in the Discord as often as we can, and give real consideration to what we see. Maybe this will help guide your thinking?

Speaking of future changes, we hope to come bearing more "from the top down" news soon — mark my words, this will be a good summer to be a TF2 Classic fan. Thanks for sticking around!