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2.1.5 Patch Release

June 6, 2024 - azzy

Before we go on...​

Our very own Benjamoose, the voice actor of the Civilian, is currently separated from his family due to major immigration changes in the U.K. that have introduced a financial requirement, and left him stranded in another country. If you're in a position to help out, you can find more information and donate here.

The 2.1.5 Patch for Team Fortress 2 Classic has been released. To apply this update to TF2 Classic, use the latest version of our downloader. The major changes include:

Weapon Changes:​

  • Updated the Flamethrower:
    • Fixed airblast sound sometimes not emitting properly
  • Updated the Flare Gun:
    • Increased deploy speed by 15%
    • Fixed a bug that caused fizzling flares to attempt to move ragdolls across the entire map
  • Updated the Stickybomb Launcher:
    • Updated stickybomb break sound
  • Updated the Mine Layer:
    • Reduced clip size and max active mines to 4 (from 6)
    • Updated proximity mine break sound
  • Updated the Anti-Aircraft Cannon:
    • Increased base damage back to 60 (from 58)
    • Increased damage against buildings to 70 (from 58)
    • Fixed bullets colliding with certain projectiles
  • Updated Jump Pads:
    • Increased jump height impulse to 770 (from 750)
    • This addresses some inconsistencies introduced in 2.1.4
    • If both Jump Pads have been built in Medieval Mode, attempting to build another now destroys the Jump Pad that is the farthest away from the player
  • Updated the Sniper Rifle:
    • Other players' laser dots now always use server-provided position data instead of interpolated player eye angle data.
    • This fixes unreliable positions when the laser dot's owner is outside of PVS
  • Updated the Umbrella:
    • Alt-fire is now properly lag compensated

Map Changes:​

  • Updated ctf_2fort:
    • Fixed broken color correction in both teams' intelligence room
  • Updated vip_badwater:
    • Construction work opens up a small shortcut
    • Various lighting adjustments around the map
  • Updated koth_frigid:
    • Fixed some inconsistent textures on the walls on Mid
  • Updated pl_upward:
    • Reverted some detailing changes to the second point made in the last update
    • Reverted reflectivity settings back to their values from 2.1.3
    • Improved lighting around the bridge's supports near the 3rd point
  • Updated koth_harvest:
    • Rebased on Improved Harvest by Horiuchi! Their changelog is below:
    • Cleaned up any unintended aspects of Pro Harvest's spawn edits left over
    • Added windows near both spawn exits
    • Doubled the opening/closing speed of spawn doors
    • Added an extra stairway on the left side of each spawn
    • Added back the broken roof from vanilla TF2
    • Made the roof that sticks out the sides of the main building non-solid
    • Drastically improved lighting quality
    • Added a light to the control point, similar to Powerhouse
    • Improved clipping
  • Updated navigation meshes for the following maps (Suo):
    • cp_amaranth
    • pl_jinn
    • td_caper
    • vip_badwater
    • vip_harbor
    • vip_trainyard

Mapping Changes:​

  • Implemented tf2c_trigger_playermovement_fix:
    • If enabled, respawning will reset any movement restrictions set by trigger_playermovement on the previous life
  • Added missing SetTargetEntity input for point_proximity_sensor (14bit)
  • Added the ability for point_event_proxy to use !caller (14bit)
  • Fixed func_nogrenades, now also works for rocket based projectiles
  • Fixed tf_point_weapon_mimic radius override not applying to rocket based projectiles

Miscellaneous Changes:​

  • Players who have played fewer than 3 rounds of VIP mode on the attacking team are no longer eligible to be randomly picked as VIP
  • Moved Chekhov's Punch crit counter HUD up by a few pixels (Thanks rc4322!)
  • Implemented rebuild command for Engineer
  • Implemented tf2c_allow_tpose for server owners
  • Implemented netprops to allow server owners to override player team skin (m_bForcedSkin, m_nForcedSkin)
  • Implemented netprop to allow server owners to force reset a custom player model's animation state (m_bCustomModelResetAnimState)
  • Implemented customizable Medi Gun heal sounds for modders via sound_single_shot
  • Implemented used_by_teams keyvalue on item schema
  • Implemented tf2c_jumppad_speed_hwg_mult and tf2c_jumppad_height_hwg_mult
  • Fixed a small error on Engineer's model (SamDum)
  • Fixed cubemaps on some older water materials
  • Fixed tooltips having invisible borders
  • Fixed a potential VGUI crash when loading onto a Control Point map
  • Fixed a potential VGUI crash regarding 4team scoreboard
  • Fixed a crash with bots on payload race maps
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to use build/rebuild/destroy commands and lacking a Builder weapon
  • Fixed multiple inconsistencies between Linux and Windows regarding rounding numbers
    • Small ammo packs should now properly grant 40 metal to Engineers regardless of dedicated server type
  • Fixed multiple crashes regarding Closed Captions
  • Fixed changing VIPs respawning teammates in Sudden Death
  • Setting tf2c_dev_mark to 0 now completely disables the player's medal regardless of rank
  • Removed query caching as it went completely unused, improving server performance
  • Added some item attributes
  • Updated Launcher version to 1.7
  • Updated English Closed Captions (Thanks SilentFox3!)
  • Updated medals
  • Updated localization files
    • Updated Brazilian translation (Thanks LuizFilipeRN)
    • Updated French translation (Thanks Surnist)
    • Added Finnish translation (Thanks Misterz, Rarru)