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Death & Taxes: Day 1

July 1, 2020 - druidlyclean

Hello? Who opened the blinds? How long did we sleep for? What year is it, and who are all you people? Update, what update? Oh good God, where did all this content come from!?

Gentlemen, feast your hungry eyes on the start of a brand new era for Team Fortress 2 Classic, and the beginning of a brand new update! Say hello to the update that took nearly four, yes, four years: The Death & Taxes Update!

"Oh sweet deities from the heavens, tell us, what's in this holy grail of an update?" First of all, stop bowing, get off your knees, and wipe the tears off your face, for Christ's sake. There's a war going on, Son! "What's in this update," you ask—previously written out, expressed in a whining tone? You'll need to open that update page up and have a gander for yourself, we can't do everything for you people!

Day 1 introduces a brand new gamemode: VIP! You must escort the brand new class, the Civilian, across three new maps... or, if you're not the ones escorting him, you'll be the ones slaughtering the meatbag!

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