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Happy Birthday, Civilian!

March 12, 2024 - bobatealee

Happy Birthday, Civilian! The lovable and personable Mr. Jenkins turns [inaudible muttering] years old today. Luckily, our gifts of miniature ponies and cask-aged cigars are enough to make him ignore how we didn't wish him "happy birthday" in 2021, 2022, or 2023. But he's patient. Like you! That's what we like about you. So very patient, and not going anywhere, right?

Also, good tidings to all the newcomers turning up for "Knockout Custom Weapons". To play on Custom Weapons servers, you'll need to install Team Fortress 2 Classic. (That's us. Hi!) Follow the instructions on our Downloads page. Reagy and her merry band are glad to have you, but I can't stress this enough: there's this really cool Sourcemod called Team Fortress 2 Classic, and you'll literally have it on your computer soon anyway, so give it a try while you're here?

Community Roundup: February 2024

February 1, 2024 - hunterbunney
Golden Art-Studio's level designer Asdf1308 makes us look like chumps. Back in March, we talked a big game about how our pre-release ideas for GRN and YLW base architecture were awkward, un-grounded, and not congruous with the TF2 aesthetic.

In spite of this, 4Walls (download there!) proudly recreates those old base concepts — GRN's space-needle dish towers, YLW's cranes and trusses and ghost warehouses — in a way that both looks sensible, and doesn't get in the way of Four-Team's demand for quarter-symmetry map layouts.


This is map design meta-commentary. TF2 Classic's entire raison d'etre is to reimagine and reimplement scrapped development ideas from Team Fortress 2, and then Asdf1308 reimagines and reimplements one of our scrapped development ideas? We need a staff poet, because there aren't words, but I... kind of am the staff poet?

It's a Four-Team arena map, a community favorite judging by how many Flask matches I've babysat this month, with a lot of work-site clutter and props that create unique cover. And it used exploding barrels before we could! The cheek.

In the spirit of obedience and fealty, I highly encourage you to send us your– okay, first make some community contributions, it's not a contest but do your best, and then send them to us for inclusion in a Roundup. Eventually these little showcases will be more frequent (and meet the criteria of "roundup" by including more than one item each), but we like the taste of ready-made work from enthusiastic show-offs like you! And like Asdf1308.

Community Roundup: January 2024

January 11, 2024 - hunterbunney
Video games as a social experience, to be had with strangers in a bustling public server, is so... last-decade. Stellar gameplay be damned, a modern team shooter is soul-achingly lonely, except for your horrible Discord call and your horrible, horrible friends.

"TF2C Shenanigans" is a tailwind for the spirit. aplsed's clip curation and whip-smart editing carries the video — editing at a level pace is hard enough, let alone doing it with a sense of humor — but there's a real heart at its core. Philosophical kitchen-table conversations in alltalk, four or five crackly voices spilling over each other, players inventing new ways to jailbreak our voice line spam prevention. This is what people think is "missing" when they talk about the shift in online gaming, and it's a point of pride and gratitude that we have it here.

Also, aplsed, we appreciate the restraint. We can't imagine how many mods you had to uninstall to make your game look so coherent.

Closing Remarks:​

The plan for Community Roundups — to the extent that you can "plan" anything in this wacky, kinetic world — is to showcase one community submission every month. We've got a solid enough backlog that, if we don't get as many submissions as we'd like, a monthly post won't send us scrambling for something to show off after a few months.

That said, give us more to showcase, and we may showcase more. Email us your videos, art, maps, mods, bawdy fan fiction, or whatever falls under the cold corpo-speak of "community content", and we'll see it.

Not a competition! Quality and technical skill isn't a barrier! Just put effort in and have fun.
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