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2.1.4 Patch Release

April 13, 2024 - azzy

The 2.1.4 Patch for Team Fortress 2 Classic has been released. To apply this update to TF2 Classic, use the latest version of our downloader. The major changes include:

Important Changes:​

  • We have once again enabled the Medi Gun sound collage feature introduced with version 2.1.0, and all related crashes have been addressed.
  • Fixed a longstanding exploit that allowed any player to change a server's map to a random one (Sappho)
  • Implemented a few sanity checks during startup to ensure the game was properly installed; to disable this behavior, use the -nodircheck launch option

Weapon Changes:​

  • Updated the Nail Gun:
    • Increased fire rate by ~12.5% (to 0.1s, from 0.115s)
    • Updated first person model to animate the ammo belt (Raptor Dan)
  • Updated the Mine Layer:
    • Reload animation is now slightly lowered to improve visibility (Raptor Dan)
  • Updated the Anti-Aircraft Cannon:
    • Updated the model and textures (SamDum)
  • Updated the Sandvich:
    • Heavy now carries a lunchbox with him when equipped (SamDum)
    • Fixed crit particles not showing on the throwable
    • Throwable no longer detonates friendly Mine Layer mines
  • Updated Chekhov's Punch:
    • Sounds for gaining or losing crits are now audible to all players
    • Crit glows are now only visible on the weapon's own model if crits are full
  • Updated Jump Pads:
    • Jump Pads are now fully client predicted and consistent on any ping (Wonderland_War)
    • Can now be built in Medieval Mode
  • Updated the Fishwhacker:
    • Updated first person animations (Ventrici)
    • Ragdolls now take extra knockback from Fishwhacker kills
  • Updated L'Escampette:
    • Reduced cloak penalty when damaged while cloaked to -10% (from -15%)
    • Reduced cloak capacity penalty to -40% (from -50%)

Map Changes:​

  • Updated koth_frigid (Wheat):
    • Added a new dropdown route that leads from the rooftop to the side flank
    • Added reflections to various surfaces that didn't have them before
    • Added parallax corrected cubemaps to most of the map
    • Increased detail on several brush-based decorations
    • Vents now drop down into the hallway below instead of leading to mid
  • Updated pl_jinn (14bit, abp):
    • Reworked the track's path and surrounding geometry near the final point
    • Reduced the number of crouch-jumps required to navigate final
    • Reduced Red's spawn time at final to 9 seconds (down from 10)
    • Added dynamic team-colored lights to the Payload checkpoints (as seen on Lakeside)
    • Added parallax-corrected cubemaps
    • Fixed the finale kill trigger not disabling properly
    • Miscellaneous ammo and health pack adjustments
    • Miscellaneous lighting and visual fixes
    • Miscellaneous clipping adjustments
    • Reduced map file size
  • Updated cp_powerhouse (newgreenshoot):
    • Sun angle has been rotated to match the skybox
    • Team-colored lights have been added to the control points, reflecting the point's owner
    • Cubemaps across the map are now parallax-corrected
    • The river now uses a new, custom water material, using our new shader
    • Volumetrics have been added to a few windows across the map
    • Skylight is now emulated more accurately using light_directional
    • Reflectivity has been increased, making many interiors slightly brighter and more colorful
    • Many props using the wrong team skin have been adjusted
    • The lightmap scale across the map has been adjusted, making it less detailed in distant/inaccessible areas and far more detailed in gameplay spaces
    • Most lights have been reconfigured to add greater contrast and visual interest to areas
    • The turbines are now static props, rather than dynamic props. This makes them more realistically lit, but they're currently lacking their internal animation. We'll improve this in the future
    • Many stairs are now blockbulleted for better explosion handling
    • Disabled collision on hanging lamps across the map
    • The tonemap has been adjusted to make sunlit concrete materials no longer blinding
    • Imprisoned cow
    • Reduced map file size
  • Updated vip_badwater (newgreenshoot):
    • Fixed broken-looking shadows on players and dynamic props
    • Tweaked lighting around the map to rely more on environmental/bounce lighting instead of artificial lights
  • Updated dom_hydro (newgreenshoot):
    • Updated water material to be more similar to tc_hydro
    • Brightened up many areas around the map to aid in player visibility
    • Synchronized the parallax_obb brushes with tc_hydro, for nicer vent reflections
  • Updated ctf_2fort (newgreenshoot):
    • Slightly adjusted lighting around the map, and fixed some previous lighting errors
    • Updated the basement floors for each team to be properly reflective (after the cubemaps on them were previously broken)
    • Added parallax correction for spawnroom floors across the map
  • Updated pl_frontier_final (newgreenshoot):
    • Fixed various displacement seams
    • Adjusted some displacements outside of BLU's first spawn to look more natural
    • Some boulders are no longer hovering above the ground
    • Many, many lighting fixes
    • The runoff puddle outside of BLU's spawn now uses the same modern water material as tc_hydro
    • Restored cubemaps, and added parallax correction for the floors in RED's final spawn
  • Updated pl_upward from f10 to f12 (refresh.tf/Hamn):
    • Added back occluders from stock Upward
    • Added more hints, areaportals and occluders for optimization
    • Redone skybox brushes for optimization
    • Changed the doors in dropdown to never be opened after closing
    • Changed the doors in dropdown from silent to making a sound when closing
    • Fixed detail brushes flickering on 1st point
    • Fixed some lighting issues
    • Fixed some props and brushes being solid
    • Fixed water brushes in skybox with various cubemaps
    • Fixed unoptimized visleaves next to the hill
    • Fixed floating barrel near 2nd
    • Improved clip alignment under balcony on 3rd
    • Added blockbullets in front of window and dropdown-elbow
    • Added resupply sign on last RED last spawn
    • Reduced t-junctions and edict usage
  • Updated dom_oilcanyon (Waugh101):
    • Detail has been increased on and around cliff faces across the map
    • Detail has been increased in the skybox terrain and foliage
    • Various skybox details have been tweaked to appear slightly more true-to-life
    • Capture Point C's building has been modified to appear more visually interesting
    • Multiple BLU buildings have been changed to better fit BLU's design language
    • Various structures have been subtly tweaked to increase consistency between them
    • Minor optimization improvements

Mapping Changes:​

  • tf2c_ctf_4team_no_repeats 1 is now enabled by default (Trotim)
    • Each team can only capture each enemy team's flag only once. Neutral flags are unaffected.
  • Included additional developer textures
  • Civilian's limousine model is now usable as prop_static
  • Added several missing game_text inputs
    • SetText, SetPosX, SetPosY, SetTextColor, SetTextColor2
  • Add class limit option to info_player_teamspawn (Trotim)
    • Uses Spawnflags to see which classes are allowed to spawn if the restrict_classes keyvalue is set to 1
  • Implemented force_respawntime_override and force_respawntime_override_timer for health and ammo pickups

Miscellaneous Changes:​

  • Reset stats button on the stats page now has a confirmation dialog
  • Implemented support for custom keybindings for Engineer's PDAs
  • Implemented LanguagePreference material proxy, for localized materials
  • Implemented tf2c_force_thirdperson for server owners
  • Implemented mp_bots_must_join_team, mp_humans_must_join_team
  • Implemented tf2c_arena_always_start_round
  • Implemented bot_mirror
  • The minimum for fov_desired is now 20, if sv_cheats is enabled
  • Lowered support points rewarded to UberCharged Medics for blocking Sentry damage (Trotim)
  • Passing no arguments to bot_teleport now iterates upon the player list instead of picking a random bot every time
  • Fixed a bug where normal muzzle flash appeared under beta muzzle flash (NitoAndTheFunkyBunch)
  • Fixed VIP being able to avoid respawn by staying in class selection menu
  • Fixed cl_load_custom_item_schema loading the wrong path on server
  • Fixed a crash regarding the boioing suicide command
  • Fixed a crash caused by healing someone while dead
  • Fixed a crash in loadout screen if the class model's flex controller is missing
  • Fixed a crash with bots being unable to find a fallback area for spawn
  • Fixed hidden attributes counting towards the attribute limit in the item tooltip
  • Fixed Flame Thrower airblast overriding custom visual effects
  • Updated the appearance of tf_grenade_show_radius and tf_rocket_show_radius spheres (Azzy)
  • Grenades using the set_detonate_mode 2 attribute now use the correct explosion particle
  • Removed tf_bot_reevaluate_class_in_spawnroom
  • Exposed several hidden console variables and commands
  • Added a few item attributes
  • Updated localization files
    • Added Polish translation (zbik)
  • Updated medals

Community Roundup: March 2024

March 24, 2024 - hunterbunney
Strap in, this one's a double feature.

"Team Fort Two Classic"​

Courtesy of Andres/quarterlydime (and featuring some fell minion of theirs named Merchant), another clip show!

Where aplsed's endeavor in January was a showcase of slick, whip-smart editing, "Team Fort Two Classic" follows more in the "human zoo" tradition of Team Fortress 2 pub montages — a "get a load of this freak!" video, you know. These are always fun to post, especially when they're a few months ripened already, because our VaultF4 Standard community is pretty buddy-buddy, and a lot of people are about to be gassed for their long-forgotten misplays when they log on tonight.

We're glad you like the game! (Duh.) "Loose story" is very much something we're shooting for, but in-game narrative is hard to swing when we don't have voice actors on retainer for most characters (and comics and animations beg the kind of quality that's hard to wring out of volunteers). Nonetheless, trust the plan! Big things coming. Vigilance.

Post-viewing discussion question: is the turning blur an artefact of the video encoder, or does Andres actually have Motion Blur turned on in the options? Much to consider.

Achievement Style Backpack Icons​

Now a vanity inclusion: D/D/DBoi, serial creator of HUD/UI overhauls (with an assist credit from ... us?!), has stitched parts of our blurry 512–x–512 achievement images into a set of new backpack icons! Along with plenty of hand-assembled ones.

Click the image or download here!

We try to personalize these blog posts, see — add a bit of humanity to the often-opaque public personae of sourcemod developers — and I made most of the Fight or Flight achievement icons, so it's gratifying to see my work being pored over so closely (including work that I knowingly scuffed, on account of thinking no one would ever pore over it. Uh oh)!

You only get one feature, we're not made of blog posts over here, but I'd check out D/D/DBoi's other work on that GameBanana page. If you like the idea of custom HUDs, but have held off because every live-TF2 custom HUD looks like the interface for a touch-screen ticket kiosk at the airport instead of a video game, D/D/DBoi's made a lot of artstyle-appropriate 2D asset mods that might win you over.

TF2C Live on Swishcast

March 14, 2024 - Waugh101

Image credit: Swishcast​


We wanted to put out a quick post to let you all know about our guest spot on this week’s episode of the Mann Magazine podcast, Swishcast! It’ll be airing live on their YouTube channel at 7 PM GMT, 2 PM CT, or whatever else the rest of the clocks in our spytech lair are set to. Come join us for a chance to ask questions and hear about the behind-the-scenes of the game. We hope to see you there!
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