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Fight or Flight Recap

April 29, 2023 - bobatealee
The Fight or Flight Update is officially out! We are all absolutely blown away by the positive reception already. To celebrate the release, our very own Waugh101 along with beta tester Mr. Skullium created this awesome trailer:

In other news, you can also now view all update pages in one sitting! A little birdie told me the artwork page has been updated with something... very rectangular.

And if you somehow still haven't yet, you can download the update right now! Our downloader was recently lovingly overhauled by sniffy194 and Technochips. It should now do a much better job at applying patches, among other things. (Please bear with us! There's been so many download requests that everything may take a bit!)

All in all, we're very happy to finally be able to deliver this update to everyone. As some of you may know, it's been the team's labor of love for a long time, and we're excited to show you what we're working on next.

Stay tuned for more blog posts, fix + rebalance patches, and 2.2.0 in the near future! (Don't worry, we promise it won't take as long.)

Fight or Flight: Day 3

April 28, 2023 - bobatealee

The Fight or Flight Update has ACHIEVED LIFTOFF! Liftoff, yeah, that's a good one. That'll work.

What are you waiting for? Download NOW! And while you wait for the game to install or update, take a look at Day 3! Maybe go back over the whole update while you wait? Skim the patch notes? Download the hi-res achievement icon pack? See if you missed anything?

As usual, we've also updated the artwork page. Enjoy the update!

Click here to view Day 3!

Fight or Flight: Day 2

April 27, 2023 - bobatealee

If you skipped yesterday's Fight or Flight Update announcement, then you made the right call, because you skipped the dorky buildings and utility items and now it's time for the guns. Four new made-in-house weapons are just itching to get into your hands, and some new maps are dreading the cleanup costs arising from what you do with those weapons.

Also, baggage claim, cropduster, aileron, et cetera. Please let a developer know if you think of any more aeronautic terms, because hoo boy, this isn't as easy as it sounds.

The Fight or Flight Update (still) releases April 28th. Also, there's some more posters and other goodies over on the artwork page!

Click here to view Day 2!
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