Official Artwork

Designs of Destruction

Have you ever wondered how Team Fortress 2 Classic manages to uphold TF2's iconic visual identity? Need inspiration for a Four-Team map, and don't know where to begin? Want to closely inspect every single wrinkle on the Civilian's baby face? Worry no more! This is your one-stop shop for high quality TF2 Classic artwork!

Promo Art

Promotional artwork and other goodies, such as art for update pages, logos, and more!

TF2 Classic Logo Steam Library Hero Image Steam Library Capsule Image Death & Taxes Update Logo Death & Taxes Update - VIP Death & Taxes Update - Weapons Death & Taxes Update - Domination Death & Taxes Update - Four-Team Death & Taxes Update - Lineup Death & Taxes Update - Bots Death & Taxes Update - Launch Civilian Portrait Twin Barrel Poster Fight or Flight Update Logo Fight or Flight Update - Engineer Fight or Flight Update - Spy Fight or Flight Update - Heavy Fight or Flight Update - Pyro Fight or Flight Update - Territorial Domination Fight or Flight Update - Brick Community Roundups Civilian's Birthday

Concept Art

Conceptual art used during the development of TF2 Classic, ranging from weapons to classes!

Civilian & Umbrella Concept Civilian Outfits Concept Civilian Cutout Concept Civilian Helicopter Concept Henchman Concept Coilgun Concept Kritzkrieg Concept Hunting Revolver Concept Tranquilizer Gun Concept GRN Team Architecture Concept 1 GRN Team Architecture Concept 2 YLW Team Architecture Concept 1 YLW Team Architecture Concept 2 YLW Team Architecture Concept 3 Four-Team Shape Language Twin Barrel Concept Anti-Aircraft Cannon Concept Jump Pad Construction Concept L'escampette Concept 1 L'escampette Concept 2