The Death And Taxes Update! - Day 1


Introducing VIP

Very Important Person (VIP) is a blood pumping new mode focused around escorting a brand new playable class -The Civilian- through loads of dangerous nail-biting missions! Gameplay involves BLU escorting their Civilian to the end of each map to win. Now you may be asking yourselves, "Why would we want to save this meat-sack of a man from painting the walls red?" And if you ARE thinking that, then we'll need to scoop that out of your brain. To answer your idiotic question: He's paying your salary, and it's your job to make sure the checks you're receiving aren't covered in his blood. If you thought he'd only be cowering behind you while you're firing those things you call weapons, don't worry because if you're lucky enough, he'll grant you limited Mini-Crits to up your fire-power!

For RED, your mission is to assassinate the VIP in any way possible. Don't think it's going to be easy, as he'll be covered in his bodyguards, like angry bees on a beehive. Every mercenary standing around the VIP will have tougher skin, making them harder to kill (Don't ask how, as it'll leave you open to getting killed yourself). Killing him will grant you with momentary Critical ammunition, so once he's dead, lay waste to everyone else still standing!


You are escorting the VIP, equipped with a hacking-device, to the Command Center at the end of the map to open up the Escape Zone's Gate. But beware, as the device will only keep the gates open for 60 seconds. Make your moves fast, or you'll be running back to your base to grab a new device.


Set down the lines of the Badlands Pipeline, Trainyard is a brand new map built to give old players a familiar taste of panic and death! This railway depot will be your toughest stop yet, with a gameplay element that's different from the rest of our maps: If the VIP dies, he's dead... Forever!


Set your compasses to the empty streets of Blackstone, where you'll find a Harbor full of gunfire, shady business deals, and lethal bottle stabbings. Fight your way through the extremely-barren-streets and capture all 3 Control Points to leave the city in one piece (hopefully)!