The Death And Taxes Update! - Day 3

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Everybody wants to rule the world -or at least we do- and its your job to help conquer the Badlands (For us!). But the question is, who's willing to fight with their hands (We mean guns) to win over the world... will it be YOU? Wait, what's that, you want the basics of this new gamemode? Well give us a second, we're still trying to hype you up (To die). Domination is a brand new gamemode, involving teams fighting for Control Points, of which give you points dependent on how long you can keep that point to yourselves, and not the enemies. "What if I have more than one Control Point captured?" Well, mud for brains, that means you have more points being given to you, just as long as they're YOUR Control Points. Any more questions? Put your hands down because we're done answering them. Now get out there and fight!

Oil Canyon

Put your shovels in the dirts of Oil Canyon -our FIRST map for Domination this update- because you're going to be fighting for all of the rich liquids of these lands! You must fight between three different Control Points, each of which you'll need to hold control of long enough for your team to succeed.

Say hello to your brand new bunkmates, and by bunkmates we mean 18 more people who want your sorry ass dead! Sick of the old RED and BLU? Well too bad, they're still here! Sick of dying to the enemy team? Now you'll be deathly alergic to the fact we've hired two more teams, Global Radio Network and Yard Logistics Workers, to kill you AND that little league soccer group you call a team, and send them back to their momma's house right back where they belong!


Why are you looking at me like that, you look as if you've seen this map before. Well I'm here to set the facts straight, you've never SET FOOT in this map, and if you have, you're from the future. Fight amongst the four of you to dominate these abandoned facilities, and claim this part of the world yours!


Well it's not whats in the barn that matters, it's who owns it! But to be Frank, there's nothing in this barn outside of hay. Of course, none of your work will go empty handed, unless you're dead, in which case every part of you will be empty, from your wallet to your blood, because you're dead!