Downloading and Installing

Before You Download

So you've chosen to prove your worth in the world of Team Fortress 2 Classic. Great!

It is important to note a few things before downloading:

  • By downloading installing TF2 Classic you accept that the software provided is and Eminoma (the TF2 Classic development team), Valve, Steam or other affiliated parties are not responsible for any damages (direct or indirect) caused by installation or usage of the supplied software.
  • TF2 Classic runs separate from your Team Fortress install. This means that usage of this software will not and cannot directly impact your Team Fortress 2 game or items.

Step 1. Download

First of all you're going to need to fire up your fastest dial-up connection and click on the download.

Click here to download the game

Step 2. Installing SourceSDK Base

TF2 Classic depends on SourceSDK Base 2013 Multiplayer. If you've already got it downloaded then you can skip this step!

To install Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer you can click here or go to Library, Tools, Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer and manually install it yourself.

Hint: Source SDK Base 2013 has two versions. One for Multiplayer and one for Singleplayer. Make sure you've got the Multiplayer version installed or your game will not work.

Step 3. Installing TF2 Classic

Your download is a compressed .7z (7zip) file. To open the file you'll need a tool to extract it. We recommend 7-Zip or WinRAR.

Use your preferred compression tool to extract the files into your "steam/steamapps/sourcemods" folder such that the tf2classic folder within the download is extracted within the sourcemods folder.

Hint: Your steam directory is by default located on your C:/ drive within the "Program Files (x86)" folder.

Hint: If you're unsure if you've extracted the folder correctly, check you have a "gameinfo.txt" file within your "sourcemods/tf2classic" folder.

Step 4. Restart Steam

Restart your steam client. When steam logs back in it will detect the game in your library!

Additional Help and Support

Join our Discord for addtional support and we can help you get started!