The Fight or Flight Update - Day 1

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The Jump Pad

Engineers can now switch out their Teleporters for two Jump Pads! Instead of being disassembled and reassembled on the atomic level, teammates can super-jump into battle, covering the same kind of height and distance you'd expect from a perfect rocket jump. One-way drops are now two-way opportunities, explosive jumpers' shortcuts are now valid flank routes, and "I can't focus on keeping my Teleporters up!" is now a piss-poor excuse not to play Engineer.


Using L'escampette to her fullest potential requires two things: 1) flawlessly executing a game plan and 2) not wasting time making a game plan at all. Cloaking with L'escampette kicks you up to 130% of your default running speed, but the cloak drains twice as fast, and getting hurt while cloaked will drain it even faster.

Global Disguises

Our latest quality-of-life feature takes the stress and heartache out of identity theft. Spies in Four-Team matches can click past their color-coded disguises and equip a Global Disguise, which passes you off as an ally to every enemy who sees you, regardless of team. No more playing passive around triple-team fights, or finding space in your coat for 27 fake passports, or fat-fingering the "toggle disguise team" button and typing something deplorable in chat by accident.


Find refuge from the cold in the sheet metal hallways and eight-foot-wide air ducts of Frigid, our first four-way King of the Hill map. If you can fend off three whole teams of maniacs pouring in from all directions, maybe you can use this arctic base for the betterment of mankind. Like digging aliens out of the permafrost. Or melting icebergs, for fun.


With an expansive multi-tier mid and serpentine back alleys, Floodgate's home to the kind of involved long-form teamplay that makes Arena worth playing in a sea of Payloads and Dominations. Make like a bottling plant, and contaminate your enemies with fatal amounts of lead.