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2.1.5 Patch Release

June 6, 2024 - azzy

Before we go on...​

Our very own Benjamoose, the voice actor of the Civilian, is currently separated from his family due to major immigration changes in the U.K. that have introduced a financial requirement, and left him stranded in another country. If you're in a position to help out, you can find more information and donate here.

The 2.1.5 Patch for Team Fortress 2 Classic has been released. To apply this update to TF2 Classic, use the latest version of our downloader. The major changes include:

Weapon Changes:​

  • Updated the Flamethrower:
    • Fixed airblast sound sometimes not emitting properly
  • Updated the Flare Gun:
    • Increased deploy speed by 15%
    • Fixed a bug that caused fizzling flares to attempt to move ragdolls across the entire map
  • Updated the Stickybomb Launcher:
    • Updated stickybomb break sound
  • Updated the Mine Layer:
    • Reduced clip size and max active mines to 4 (from 6)
    • Updated proximity mine break sound
  • Updated the Anti-Aircraft Cannon:
    • Increased base damage back to 60 (from 58)
    • Increased damage against buildings to 70 (from 58)
    • Fixed bullets colliding with certain projectiles
  • Updated Jump Pads:
    • Increased jump height impulse to 770 (from 750)
    • This addresses some inconsistencies introduced in 2.1.4
    • If both Jump Pads have been built in Medieval Mode, attempting to build another now destroys the Jump Pad that is the farthest away from the player
  • Updated the Sniper Rifle:
    • Other players' laser dots now always use server-provided position data instead of interpolated player eye angle data.
    • This fixes unreliable positions when the laser dot's owner is outside of PVS
  • Updated the Umbrella:
    • Alt-fire is now properly lag compensated

Map Changes:​

  • Updated ctf_2fort:
    • Fixed broken color correction in both teams' intelligence room
  • Updated vip_badwater:
    • Construction work opens up a small shortcut
    • Various lighting adjustments around the map
  • Updated koth_frigid:
    • Fixed some inconsistent textures on the walls on Mid
  • Updated pl_upward:
    • Reverted some detailing changes to the second point made in the last update
    • Reverted reflectivity settings back to their values from 2.1.3
    • Improved lighting around the bridge's supports near the 3rd point
  • Updated koth_harvest:
    • Rebased on Improved Harvest by Horiuchi! Their changelog is below:
    • Cleaned up any unintended aspects of Pro Harvest's spawn edits left over
    • Added windows near both spawn exits
    • Doubled the opening/closing speed of spawn doors
    • Added an extra stairway on the left side of each spawn
    • Added back the broken roof from vanilla TF2
    • Made the roof that sticks out the sides of the main building non-solid
    • Drastically improved lighting quality
    • Added a light to the control point, similar to Powerhouse
    • Improved clipping
  • Updated navigation meshes for the following maps (Suo):
    • cp_amaranth
    • pl_jinn
    • td_caper
    • vip_badwater
    • vip_harbor
    • vip_trainyard

Mapping Changes:​

  • Implemented tf2c_trigger_playermovement_fix:
    • If enabled, respawning will reset any movement restrictions set by trigger_playermovement on the previous life
  • Added missing SetTargetEntity input for point_proximity_sensor (14bit)
  • Added the ability for point_event_proxy to use !caller (14bit)
  • Fixed func_nogrenades, now also works for rocket based projectiles
  • Fixed tf_point_weapon_mimic radius override not applying to rocket based projectiles

Miscellaneous Changes:​

  • Players who have played fewer than 3 rounds of VIP mode on the attacking team are no longer eligible to be randomly picked as VIP
  • Moved Chekhov's Punch crit counter HUD up by a few pixels (Thanks rc4322!)
  • Implemented rebuild command for Engineer
  • Implemented tf2c_allow_tpose for server owners
  • Implemented netprops to allow server owners to override player team skin (m_bForcedSkin, m_nForcedSkin)
  • Implemented netprop to allow server owners to force reset a custom player model's animation state (m_bCustomModelResetAnimState)
  • Implemented customizable Medi Gun heal sounds for modders via sound_single_shot
  • Implemented used_by_teams keyvalue on item schema
  • Implemented tf2c_jumppad_speed_hwg_mult and tf2c_jumppad_height_hwg_mult
  • Fixed a small error on Engineer's model (SamDum)
  • Fixed cubemaps on some older water materials
  • Fixed tooltips having invisible borders
  • Fixed a potential VGUI crash when loading onto a Control Point map
  • Fixed a potential VGUI crash regarding 4team scoreboard
  • Fixed a crash with bots on payload race maps
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to use build/rebuild/destroy commands and lacking a Builder weapon
  • Fixed multiple inconsistencies between Linux and Windows regarding rounding numbers
    • Small ammo packs should now properly grant 40 metal to Engineers regardless of dedicated server type
  • Fixed multiple crashes regarding Closed Captions
  • Fixed changing VIPs respawning teammates in Sudden Death
  • Setting tf2c_dev_mark to 0 now completely disables the player's medal regardless of rank
  • Removed query caching as it went completely unused, improving server performance
  • Added some item attributes
  • Updated Launcher version to 1.7
  • Updated English Closed Captions (Thanks SilentFox3!)
  • Updated medals
  • Updated localization files
    • Updated Brazilian translation (Thanks LuizFilipeRN)
    • Updated French translation (Thanks Surnist)
    • Added Finnish translation (Thanks Misterz, Rarru)

Community Roundup: May 2024

May 21, 2024 - hunterbunney
Hi, blog readers! We admire your loyalty to these legacy-style online newsletters, instead of getting your TF2C news from Twitter posts, or 11-minute recap videos, or AI-written summaries of 11-minute recap videos. In fact, we've got just the thing for old souls like you.

Renaissance Revival 2​

Renaissance Revival 2 is the sequel to a legendary TF2C weapons pack dating back to 2020, just months after our official release. At the helm of both is Yakibomb, a tireless institution of our modding community; medieval mode's #1 fan and #1 critic. I have it on good authority that they wept when we announced Krepost. The massive credits list for this mod includes other familiar faces, though — SilentFox3, Reagy, Wendy, and more — and an uncountable glut of people whose live TF2 workshop items were lifted with permission. (Seriously; if you didn't contribute to this mod, then you've spoken to, played with, or used to online-date someone who did.)

Click the image or download here!

Yakibomb might stop putting together world-class mod teams if we send like 500 people to ask them a bunch of dumbass questions, though, so I'll knock out a basic outline of what to expect from Renaissance Revival 2:

  • These aren't just weapon reskins. These are (over 70?!) new weapons that are treated as unique equippables in your Loadout menu. An incredible amount of work has gone into making them distinct from each other and distinct from weapons in live TF2, in terms of balance and behavior. There are parameters in here I've never seen before.
  • This mod won't work on regular public servers, like our VaultF4 Standard group. To use these custom weapons, you'll either need to join (or host!) a community server that's been specially set up to support it, or start an offline match against bots.
  • If installed correctly, you'll be able to join normal servers without any issues — the server's list of valid items takes priority over yours, so you won't be able to use your Renaissance Revival weapons, but you won't crash or be banned or anything.
  • Installation instructions are in the README that comes with your GameBanana download.

We love what's been done here and we're apt to look closely at RR2's contents for any future (as in, post-2.2) changes we make to Medieval Mode. If anything in this pack strikes you as pure genius, we read the suggestions channel in the Discord as often as we can, and give real consideration to what we see. Maybe this will help guide your thinking?

Speaking of future changes, we hope to come bearing more "from the top down" news soon — mark my words, this will be a good summer to be a TF2 Classic fan. Thanks for sticking around!

Continued Refinement

April 23, 2024 - Waugh101
We look for opportunities to continue improving upon our existing content alongside developing new additions to the game. Retroactively updating features helps keep the project feeling consistent and equally polished, something we consider to be one of its strengths. Sometimes we introduce a new visual technique, for instance, and it helps things stay on a level playing field, regardless of when they were first added. It also comes with the added benefit of keeping things a little fresh. Seeing a familiar environment with some touch-ups can be fun.

With that said, we do put a good amount of thought into considering what things should be changed or tweaked and to what extent. One of the driving goals of the project is to capture that old-school TF2 feeling, so ideally changes should enhance it rather than distract. Of course changes, especially visual ones, can be inherently rather subjective. One way to think about these, then, is that they can feel like how someone remembers the game looking, if not representing how it actually did. We also already have a fair amount of content, so it can take some time to implement these tweaks across the board and to fully see them to completion.

Here’s some before-and-afters for a couple of the maps that received updated visuals in 2.1.4:


Oil Canyon



This mindset also means that even after something gets updated it's still open for additional refinement and changes, so feedback’s always appreciated. There’s a lot of tweaks across these maps and the others that received updates in 2.1.4; be on the lookout next time you’re fighting on one of them!
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