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2.0.2 Patch Release

The 2.0.2 Patch to Team Fortress 2 Classic has been shipped. To download the update to TF2Classic, open up the TF2Classic Launcher executable within the tf2classic folder, and press the Update button, and the files will automatically be downloaded. The major changes include:

Updated the Nailgun:
  • Reverted back to its 2.0.0 stats

Updated the Flamethrower:
  • Afterburn length is now 25% shorter, total damage output is unchanged

Updated the Stickybomb Launcher:
  • Consistent with Live's Stickies
  • Fixed Stickies not suffering from damage falloff
  • Damage Rampup changed from 70% to 100%
  • Explosion Radius Rampup from 80% to 100%
  • Projectiles no longer bounce off friendly buildings

Updated the Dynamite Pack:
  • Added the ability to taunt kill your enemies with this weapon

Updated the Mine Layer:
  • Increased clip size & max stickies from 3 to 4
  • Max Charge time decreased by 50%

Updated the Bottle:
  • Added particles upon breaking the bottle

Updated the Minigun:
  • Reduced the bulletspread from 0.1 to 0.08

Updated the Coilgun:
  • Fully charged shots are now 100% accurate

Updated the Syringe Gun:
  • Lowered the reload time from 1.5s to 1.2s to match the reload animation

Updated the Uberspritze:
  • Health Penalty has been lessened from -25 to -10 health

Updated the Shock Therapy:
  • 15% slower Heal Rate on all Mediguns when equipped
  • Decreased the ammount of healing done on hit from 150% to 100% of a classes health
  • Health is given to the target instantly
  • No longer uses Knife Impact sounds when hitting players
  • Removed guaranteed crits against wet enemies

Updated the Hunting Revolver:
  • Removed the visual recoil
  • Lowered the fire rate from 0.75s to 0.675s

Updated the Fishwhacker:
  • Removed -20% slower fire rate
  • Replaced "Marked for Death while active" with "On Miss: Marked for Death for 3s"
  • Updated its Description and item-type
  • Added particles on impact to add to the new description

Updated the Tranquilizer Gun:
  • Tranquilized enemies now take full crits from Knives

  • Jittering atop certain props has been fixed. (Primarily noticable on Capture Points)
  • Added the London asset pack - for more info see
  • Added "Voice Commands" to the Chat Filter.
  • Added tf2c_domination_uncap_factor. Maks CP Progress recede faster in Domination.
  • Added Burning and Backstab animations for the Civilian.
  • Updated Domination's HUD to show which team is in the lead.
  • Updated damage rounding to match Live TF2. (I.E. Minigun minimum damage has been updated from 4 to 5)
  • Updated Players who have just spawned to now recieve the full heal-rate from Mediguns.
  • Updated explosions to pass through friendly Engineer buildings.
  • Updated highlighted dropped ammo to be a clientside option.
  • Updated the Round timer to no longer clip through the Arena and DOM HUD.
  • Updated tf2c_spy_gun_mettle to include updated Sapper Damage modifier.
  • Updated dropped sandwiches from dead Heavies to give points on pickup.
  • Updated tf_arena_override_team_size to 64, so players don't sit out.
  • Updated 2team Arena to have before-round queues turned off, consistent with 4team.
  • Updated tf_dingalingaling description.
  • Updated Class gibs to be compatible with custom skins.
  • Disabled random bullet spread off by default.
  • Disabled Arena Queue in 2Team, to be consistent with 4team.
  • Restored custom map description txt files.
  • Fixed bullets from Sniper primaries not ignoring teammates.
  • Fixed the Edit Loadout button not working on the Class Select screen.
  • Fixed being able to freely respawn in Arena.
  • Fixed newly connected players from not getting DOM scores until they update.
  • Fixed KOTH HUD not properly flashing when a team is highlighted.
  • Fixed Lunchbox items not named "The Sandvich" being inedible.
  • Fixed Recent-Kill, Killstreak, and Achievement Voicelines not playing when triggered.
  • Fixed Sappers being hard to place from on top of buildings.
  • Fixed Spywalk not being applied clientside.
  • Fixed lastdisguise to now remember enemy vs ally disguise, rather than absolute team color.
  • Fixed the tranquilized debuff being near instantly removed by healing. Now halves duration as intended.
  • Fixed Death Animations playing at the world origin.
  • Fixed flame impact sounds on friendly buildings.
  • Fixed a bug where Flames would linger between Round changes or restarts.
  • Fixed Tranquilized Particles from staying on the player after immediately switching weapons.
  • Fixed an exploit where the Huntsman Arrows could be used to give players large health pools.
  • Fixed not being able to pick up dropped flags in spawn rooms that allow them.
  • Fixed HLTV/Replay Players being able to join teams.
  • Fixed crash related to giving yourself an invalid attribute ID via give_econ.
  • TFBot: GRN/YLW Spawn Doors now properly block bots in 4team.
  • TFBot: Added basic support for GRN/YLW Invasion Areas.
  • TFBot: Lowered the ammount of VIP Escorting bots.
  • TFBot: Civilian and Scout bots will be less likely to destroy Sentries.
  • TFBot: Adjusted Demoman bots from preparing sticky traps if enemies are nearby.
  • TFBot: Adjusted Engineer bots to place Teleporter Entrances more reliably.
  • TFBot: Snipers are able to find the opposing teams better in 4team.
  • TFBot: Improved Spy bots by retreating when revealed, no longer targeting Sentries from long distances, using the Revolver to finish low-health targets, and backstabbing enemies that come in range whom are not the initial target.
  • TFBot: Bots now spend less time retreating.
  • TFBot: Bots now spend less time holding the fire button.
Updated arena_flask:
  • Updated a few displacements to prevent mobility classes from camping above the battleground
Updated cp_amaranth:
  • Added Localization Strings
  • Time has shifted, and sunlight covers more of the map
  • Updated the lighting in Point A
  • Adjusted the visual clarity of Point A, so it's easier to locate
  • Improved clipping around the map
  • Updated the Train Bells to play a few seconds before the train actually arrives
  • Allowed projectiles to pass through railings on the map
  • Removed the Train Gate Doors near the far exit of Caves to B
  • Removed the Nobuild on the Traintracks at B
  • Fixed a few minor visual issues
  • Fixed a few Soundscapes to work properly

Updated dom_hydro:
  • Added Localization Strings
  • Added a small room to BLU side to give Engineers and Spy's more utility
  • Added a new route from the caves between RED and BLU to connect to YLW
  • Combined the two caves between RED and YLW into one larger cave

Updated ctf_casbah:
  • Fog has settled into the seas, to match the world fog
  • Improved visuals and details across the map
  • Added an extra spawn door for each team's spawn
  • Added detail doors to BLU's intel room entrances, to be consistent with RED base
  • Added cover for BLU side's balcony route
  • Added an extra Resupply Cabinet to each team's spawn
  • Adjusted each spawn point to directly face the exit from spawn
  • Adjusted the windows in front of RED's intel room to close off a window, while also adding a new route to RED intel
  • Adjusted the Windows leading into BLU side to be larger
  • Adjusted clipping to prevent mobility classes from camping up above the battleground
  • Adjusted the Full Ammo and Small Medkit at Mid to be easier to see
  • Adjusted pickups around RED and BLU side to be somewhat consistent
  • Adjusted a few wooden planks to be easier to walk on
  • Replaced a few models at Mid with crates
  • Updated the stairs near BLU side of Mid to be easier to move around
  • Fixed a visual bug when falling beneath the water
  • Fixed up the concrete doorways to prevent players from getting stuck when walking against them
  • Removed the Setup timer
  • Removed a few pickups from each team's Intel room
  • Removed the Fence in RED spawn to allow for better movement
  • Removed a pipe near RED side's entrance, for the same reason
  • Removed a pillar near RED spawn, for the same reason
  • Removed a pillar in BLU spawn, for the same reason

Updated vip_badwater:
  • Removed Capture Point C, due to its redundancy in actual play
  • Bumped the Round Timer's max limit from 6 minutes to 10 minutes, to compensate for Capture Point C's removal
  • Updated the visual design of each point's platform
  • Added a NoBuild to stop Engineers from building out of bounds

Updated vip_harbor:
  • Shrunk RED's window on Capture Point C's building
  • Removed some props to open up the play-space
  • Adjusted the Nobuild on the shed in front of First RED Spawn to only be on the roof
  • Adjusted some Item Pickups
  • Added a Small Medkit near Capture Point C's upper flank route
  • Improved the visuals of the maps lighting a bit
  • Fixed the water cubemaps
Here's a small tutorial on how to use our Launcher+Updater program, for usage in updating the mod for yourself, and server owners:

For Windows users:
  1. Open the `tf2classic` folder, in your Sourcemods folder.
  2. Launch the `TF2ClassicLauncher` executable.
  3. In the "Launch game" tab, there's a button labeled "Update". Click this button to update the game. If it is faded out, you're up to date.
  4. If you are experiencing an error upon launching the TF2Classic Launcher, then please update the executable to the most recent version here. If your launcher gives an error message when you start it you will have to replace your old launcher(TF2ClassicLauncher.exe) with this newer version.

For Linux users:
You'll need to download our Linux Only Updater, and once it's fully installed, please read through this PDF.

Optional Direct Mirror:
If you are having trouble with either of these methods, here is a direct mirror for the 2.0.2 patch.
Once downloaded, extract the files into your 'sourcemods' folder using 7zip.

If you need any further help, please reach out to our Public Discord, and we can try to help.

2.0.1 Patch Release

The 2.0.1 Patch to Team Fortress 2 Classic has been shipped. To download the update to TF2Classic, open up the TF2Classic Launcher executable within the tf2classic folder, and press the Update button, and the files will automatically be downloaded. The major changes include:


Updated the Nailgun:
  • Damage rampup increased from 150% to 175% to match Scattergun (Max damage now 20 up from 17)
  • Faster fire rate from 0.115s to 0.1s
  • Clip size & max ammo reduced by 20%

Updated the Flamethrower:
  • Made flames and airblast more reliable

Updated the Dynamite Pack:
  • Recharge time slowed from 7s to 10s
  • Faster throw charging time from 4s to 2s
  • Airblast, bullets and melees push the main Dynamite Pack slightly further
  • Airblasting Dynamite Bomblets now extinguishes their fuse

Updated the Mine Layer:
  • Mines of losing team no longer detonate

Updated the Coilgun:
  • Fixed the Coilgun's Alt-fire preventing reloading when empty

Updated the Hunting Revolver:
  • Fire rate slowed from 0.6s to 0.75s

Updated the Tranquilizer Gun:
  • Effect duration is now affected by distance falloff
  • Effect reworked: Colorblind victim, and slow their movements by 33% for up to 5s
  • Includes: Move speed, reload speed, weapon switch speed, melee attack speed, and Minigun Spin-up and Spin-down speed
  • No longer affects mouse sensitivity

Updated the Umbrella:
  • Plays a sound when Alt-Fire is unsuccessful

Updated Teleporters:
  • Are now 50 Metal by default, and can be reverted back to 125 with tf2c_building_gun_mettle 0

Updated Nail/Syringe Projectiles:
  • Are now consistent with the Server's projectile position


  • Enabled Vote Kicking by default
  • Enabled vote kicking players in spectator
  • Enabled Rate-limiting on ClientCommand 'voicemenu' (Voice Command spam has been limited to 0.3s, minimum)
  • Allowed custom items_game.txts to now allow PDA items in Medieval
  • Fixed Voice Chat to be a bit louder (If you've changed Voice_Scale, revert it back to 1)
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed achievements to be earned in Randomizer
  • Fixed a crash related to Arena Queue
  • Fixed a crash related to Disguising
  • Fixed a crash related to winning in Payload
  • Fixed a Linux crash related to CTF
  • Fixed broken sounds on Linux builds
  • Fixed the GRN flamethrower particles
  • Fixed being able to push stickybombs only once
  • Fixed the 'Bounced Betty' achievement being unachievable
  • Fixed loading item schemas packed inside maps
  • Adjusted Demoman bots to use Stickies more often
  • Adjusted Heavy bots to not eat Sandviches while ubered
  • Adjusted Sniper bots to fix a case of picking bad spots
  • Adjusted Civilian Bots to stay behind the frontline, and retreat to spawn if no cover is found
  • Adjusted Randomized Loadouts from being preserved on intentional deaths
  • Increased the Building Placement trace, to prevent some out-of-bounds exploits
  • Updated players to say "Thanks" when extinguished from afterburn
  • Updated dropped ammo (i.e. dropped weapons) to glow
  • Updated Map Icons for simplified server browser
  • Updated the Changelevel Vote Issue to respect the Map Cycle
  • Updated the Options menu to lower sensitivity as low as Legacy options can
  • Updated the Medal Listings
  • Updated the Voting Icons
  • Updated navigation files for Mineside and Badwater
  • Updated Localization


Updated vip_badwater:
  • Time has passed within Badwater, and is now brighter outside

Updated vip_harbor:
  • Fixed a bug where RED's respawn time was shorter than BLU's respawn time, after capturing B
  • Updated the respawn time after B's capture to be 10 seconds for RED, and 2 seconds for BLU
  • Changed some models

Updated vip_mineside:
  • Added a new second route to the Escape Zone
  • Made some areas brighter
  • Added a small ammo kit to upper balcony at mid
  • Added more cover for upper balcony at mid
  • Adjusted respawn time for Red during Escape gates being open to be longer
  • Small changes in general

Updated vip_trainyard:
  • Updated the respawn time to be 2 seconds for BLU
  • Shortened the round timer from 6 minutes to 4 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Changed some models


Here's a small tutorial on how to use our Launcher+Updater program, for usage in updating the mod for yourself, and server owners:

For Windows users:
  1. Open the 'tf2classic' folder, in your Sourcemods folder.
  2. Find and open the 'TF2ClassicLauncher' executable.
  3. In the "Launch game" tab, there's a button labeled "Update". Click this button to update the game. If it is faded out, you're up to date.
  4. After everything has installed, press the "Launch" button, or locate the game in your Steam Library.

For Linux users

For Torrent Users
  • As this patch might put a lot of stress on the server behind the launcher, we've decided to also provide a manual download in the form of a torrent.

Direct Mirror
  • If you are having trouble with either of these methods, here is a direct mirror for the 2.0.1 patch.
  • Once downloaded, extract the files into your 'tf2classic' folder using 7zip.

If you need any further help, please reach out to our Public Discord, and we can try to help.

Death & Taxes: Day 4


It's finally here! The moment you've all been dying for... or, will die for...

The Release of Team Fortress 2 Classic, and the brand new update to ship with it, The Death & Taxes Update! It's finally here, and NOW we can let you use all those shiny new weapons and kill each other on all the brand new maps introduced in this update, all the maps returning from the past, as well as a handful from Live TF2!

But don't forget to read the last page, we've packed so much into Day Four that we can't explain it all in this blog post alone! There's even a few more weapons in there, ported from Live TF2, just in-case your baby hands need something familiar to grasp onto while the other players are busy ripping you to bits!

Now when you're done reading, download the damn game! What are you waiting for, it's out! Quit sitting on your hands, drag that cursor of yours, and install the freakin' mod!

Click Here to read Day 4!


Q. Where can I download TF2Classic?
A. You can find the download link on our website, Previous version downloads of Team Fortress 2 Classic have been removed, and the project has shifted direction. Those versions no longer reflect the goals of the project.

Q. What is TF2Classic now?
A. Team Fortress 2 Classic is a re-imagining of the 2008-2009 era of the original Team Fortress 2, of which is what we consider the "Classic Era", featuring old features that were scrapped and worked upon, or new content such as new weapons and gamemodes. Such gamemodes consist of original core TF2 gamemodes ranging from Capture the Flag to Special Delivery, our own additions such as VIP and Domination, or even the addition for two new teams in several existing modes.

Q. Why has the update taken so long?
A. Deathmatch was a huge undertaking, needing a lot of work that couldn't have been done within the years we were developing it.

Q. Where is Deathmatch?
A. Deathmatch has been split off from Team Fortress 2 Classic, and is now being developed as standalone game titled 'Team Deathmatch Classic' by Compucolor Pictures.

Q. Why was Deathmatch split from TF2Classic?
A. Deathmatch was split from Team Fortress 2 Classic for a few reasons:

  • It was too large; it felt like it's own separate game. Any gamemode that disables classes/weapons to function goes against some of the core principals of Team Fortress.
  • The code between the two entities was getting to the point where if we did one thing in X, it'd screw something up in Y.
  • The games can now be developed simultaneously (no more long waits).

Q. When was Deathmatch Split?
A. Early 2018.

Q. Does the Deathmatch mod have a Public Discord?
A. Not currently.

Q. Are there new weapons in this update?
A. Yes, both reprisals of beta weapons and new creations.

Q. Does the mod still have 4team?
A. Yes. We currently have two official 4-team maps, and all gamemodes are supported by 4-team for the community to use.

Q. Will Espionage be made for TF2Classic?
A. No, but the concepted characters will all be eventually released. As for why it won't be developed: As with Deathmatch, any gamemode that disables classes/weapons to function goes against some of the core principals of Team Fortress 2. Every gamemode we are currently working on involves all 9 classes without any restrictions.

Q. Will there be cosmetics or anything of the sort in TF2Classic's future?
A. No.

Q. Is there Lore in TF2Classic?
A. We primarily consider the original lore from 2009 to be the primary basis of our lore. Beyond that, the only lore we carry over from Live Team Fortress 2 are the Meet the Team shorts and the Class Bios from the Official TF2 Website. (Pyroland is retconned within Team Fortress 2 Classic)
As for our own lore, any official canon would be given out through Maps, Voice-lines, Shorts, Update Pages and our own blog posts.

Q. Will there be a competitive side to TF2Classic?
A. Not officially. We see Team Fortress 2 Classic as a purely casual mod. We do however have support for Highlander.

Q. Are there TFBots in TF2Classic?
A. Yes, we have TFBots which are completely reverse-engineered. They are vastly improved upon to allow for better gameplay, and are able to play on 75% of our maps and gamemodes, currently.

Q. Is there Linux and Mac support?
A. There is Linux support, as it's included with all downloads of the mod. As for Mac support, within the recent few years, 32bit has been unsupported, leaving us in a situation where it's hard to allow for support.

Q. Will there be more updates after this one?
A. Yes. They won't take as long.

Q. Will there be more gamemodes after this update?
A. Yes, we have a lot of gamemodes planned for the future.

Q. Will there be public betas in the future?
A. It's possible, but no promises.

Death & Taxes: Day 3


Another brand new gamemode just made it's way into this update, like an outlaw ready to stir up trouble in an old-time saloon.

Luckily for you, this gamemode doesn't involve saloons or outlaws: Domination! A new mode, where the score is your primary objective, and you'll need to hold down as many Control Points as you can if you want to try to win against the other team(s)!

Yes you read that right, TEAM(S)! Previously introduced in 1.9, Four Team is back, and its quadruple the action, quadruple the carnage, and quadruple the... you get the point.

Now stop looking at us, and go look at Day Three of our Update Page! We're almost there folks, just one more day!

Click Here to read Day 3!

Death & Taxes: Day 2


What a fine day to be announcing our new guns... Hey, let go! You'll get your grubby hands on them when they're good and ready! Sheesh, you people are shaky... Bring up the word gun and everyone's ready to blow each-others brains out. (Luckily for you, that's how we want you.)

Yes, you heard us right, GUNS, when's the last time you've seen one of those? They tell us you've been waiting years for some new weapons, and by your drug-addiction-like shaking, we probably shouldn't be surprised. Yes-sir, we don't have but one... we don't even have five... combined together in this single day, we have NINE weapons in total!

Now, a majority of these weapons are re-balanced from our previously public build, but to you all, they should all feel like brand new weapons! And that's not to gloss over the NEW new weapons, of which you can have a gander at... right now!

Click Here to read Day 2!

Death & Taxes: Day 1


Hello? Who opened the blinds? How long did we sleep for? What year is it, and who are all you people? Update, what update? Oh good god where did all this content come from!

Gentlemen, feast your hungry eyes on the start of a brand new era for Team Fortress 2 Classic, and the start of a brand new update! Say hello to the update that took nearly four, yes four, years: The Death & Taxes Update!

"Oh sweet Gods from the heavens, tell us, what's in this holy grail of an update?" First of all, stop bowing, get off your knees, and wipe the tears off your face for Christ sake, there's a war going on, Son! What's in this update, you ask, previously written out, spoken in an whining tone? Well you'll need to open that Update Page up and have a gander for yourself, we can't do everything for you people!

Day One introduces a brand new gamemode: VIP! You must escort the brand new class- The Civilian -across three new maps... Or if you're not the ones escorting him, you'll be the one's slaughtering the meatbag!

Click Here to read Day 1!