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A Post About a Poster

February 23, 2023 - Waugh101

We've recently heard tell that some rogue team members are going around and teasing one of our upcoming weapons. In our defense, we never could have expected they'd place sprays right in front of your faces like that! It's obvious. Too obvious. Being honest with you, we kind of forgot those were enabled. Well, know what's more obvious, and therefore more unexpected? One-upping them and teasing the whole thing right here on the blog.

Meet the Twin Barrel! She'll be meeting you this spring, as part of a fully-fledged update, complete with maps and guns and rebalances aplenty. And we told her you hadn't gone out with a new weapon in three years, so she's real excited to break you in.

But wait, because I just now thought of something even more obvious: stealing their spray and hosting it here, for anyone to download and use! Take that, unpaid volunteers. We expect better from you.