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This article or page contains information on something either EXPERIMENTAL or NOT YET IMPLEMENTED. Various details are subject to drastically change over the course of development. See Planned Content for more information.

The Henchman
Health N/A
Speed N/A HMU/s

The Henchman is an in-development class for a planned gamemode Overpowered. The character is still in the planning phase.
In Overpowered, a player is randomly selected before each round to play as the Henchman on the BLU team. All other players participate on the RED team.
The Henchman can only utilize melee weapons under normal circumstances, and is susceptible to headshots, Critical Hits, and Afterburn.


The Henchman spawns with an extremely large health pool that scales with the amount of players in the server. Then, as the Henchman receives damage, their damage output is increased up to a max of +210%.
Additionally, the boss can initiate a charging attack that will quickly move them forward, allowing them to attack faster classes.
These abilities allow the player to stand a chance against servers filled with large amounts of players.