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Capture the Flag is a game mode from Team Fortress 2 that involves each team (RED, BLU, GRN, or YLW) having an Intelligence briefcase (flag) that must be defended from the opposing team, while attempting to retrieve the Intelligence briefcase of the other team. If the default capture limit of 3 is not reached, the game will either end in Stalemate, go into Overtime, or Sudden Death.


Capture the Flag tasks each team with defending their flag, located deep within their stronghold. The flag is represented by an briefcase filled with documents, and is commonly referred to as "the Intel" by players. While defending their own flag, both teams must try to grab the enemy's flag and bring it back to their flagstand, called the "Intelligence Room". Depending on what options the server has enabled, the team that caps will be granted critical hits for 10 seconds after capping the intelligence.

There are certain conditions for grabbing the Intel. Players who are Übered cannot grab the Intel, but if they are being healed by a Medic, the Medic can still use his Übercharge to give himself invulnerability. The Intel holder will not receive the benefit of the Übercharge. Spies also cannot pick up the Intel while invisible; they must fully decloak before they can grab the Intel. However, a disguised Spy can still grab the Intelligence, although it will remove his disguise in the process. Classes that can utilize explosive jumping like the Soldier and Demoman can rocket/sticky jump with the Intel without any penalty.

If an Intel carrier dies en route to bringing the Intel to his base, the Announcer announces to both teams that the Intelligence has dropped in the field. Once the Intel has dropped, it will remain in that position for 60 seconds until it returns back to its corresponding base. This 60-second timer resets if the opposing team grabs the Intelligence but drops it in the field once more. If the player carrying the Intel dies in a normally inaccessible part of the map with the Intel, it will immediately return to its base of origin.

Unlike other games with Capture the Flag gamemodes, your team's Intel does not need to be in the Intelligence Room in order for your team to capture the enemy Intel.


Map Picture Filename
2Fort 2fort.png ctf_2fort.bsp
Casbah Casbah.png ctf_casbah.bsp
Landfall Landfall.png ctf_landfall.bsp
Well Well ctf.png ctf_well.bsp